Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work! Work! Work! vs Jail! Jail! Jail!

I just woke up and  checked on my clock it's already 11AM.  I only have 2 hours to prepare for my work. I don't know but, I've been tired and stressed lately about my job. You do the same routines every day. I conduct classes from pm to am. Make notes using the fastest internet connection I've ever used (It takes ages actually). I get my salary on the 15th and the 30th of the month which is sometimes stressful because of my  taxes. Given the fact that my taxes are getting higher and higher every cut off.  Then the next day,  I find out  doing the job that never crossed my  mind even in my wildest dream.  But I guess, that's life. You need to work  to survive and get a life.  Anyway,  while writing this entry. I just recalled a place where everything is free. Yes! you heard me right it's absolutely free.  You are even sheltered and taken care off. The haven that I'm talking about is a jail cell.  We had a chance to interview and  live with them way back in college.  So for sake of other people who haven't been there and tired of making a living guess what?  You will find that place as a sanctuary! Check out the Major-major-Major difference...

1. In jail... ( You will be fed 3x a day, it's 100% absolutely free )  At will be stressed out on what food to buy because of your limited budget. That’s why, you will always end up eating these snacks:

2.  In jail... (if you're well-behaved you will be given a parole). At work...  will just be given with such a workload for a good behavior or even ask to make a "parol"(Christmas lantern) on Christmas party.

3. At work... you will be stressed out with rumors/gossips about you.  In jail... you don't fret about it. Why? Simply because, people are chit-chatting more on how to escape hahaha!

Aren't they the  reasons  why people want to go back inside the cell? Haha ( Just asking!!!)
Ooops!!! time is over guys. Time to go to work!

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