Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Gelovsky vs Pineapples of the world"

January  21, 2011

To: Mr. Pinapple
Pineapple farm, everywhere on Earth

Greetings of hatred!

Howdy! I guess you're laughing your ass off right now. I still remember what you did last Friday!

Last Friday, I purchased pineapple juice during my break time. It's roughly about 7pm when I  went to the convenience store. I still have classes to attend to, so I went back to the office right away. Here's what happened:
8:00- Okay
9:00- Still Okay
10:00- Ooops! I suddenly felt the call of nature.  It's like having a battalion of cocoon moving inside my tummy, and not butterflies. I was perspiring, and my skin was cold and clammy though the temperature in the office was 18 degrees Celsius .  I even can't focus on the task itself, since I was worried about my condition. I was already standing, and already felt the urgency to go to the bathroom.  Unfortunately, I can't right away; I had marathon of classes that time, and I still need to wait until 10:50 pm. Too bad, wasn't it?   NO CAN DO!  

When my class ended, I rushed to the nearest  bathroom like agent 007 on a mission. But.... Oh man! Holy cow! Holy pineapple! it's locked. I can't give up, since I can really feel them coming!  I tried to maintain my composure, and lucky to recall  that there are bathrooms on every floors of that vintage building.  

I found a  haven on the third floor; it's like a red carpet entrance for me. What a relief!  There was a total silence at that moment, and the only sound that I can hear, was the one that I'm making. It's like 123....drop/splash  123...drop/splash 123...drop/splash.  It's pretty amazing!   

It lasted for about 10 minutes, and I was about to call it a success. Not until I realized... I FORGOT THE TISSUE, there wasn't a faucet inside nor near the cubicle, the lavatory was out of reach , and there were still people coming back and forth.  What a headache!  I can't go out like that duh!!!

What a shame! It's already 11:05 pm, and I need to go back right away. Why?  It's because our shift is only 2-11pm; they usually turn off the lights, and locked it up that time.  My bag was still in there, and what a shame if they found out what I did.   I was really having a horrible day that time, but thanks to my handkerchief, which I found in my left pocket . It really made my day, and solved my worries! (No need to elaborate, it's really grossed trust me! )

When I went back to the office, everyone was staring at me as if I did a crime. They had been waiting for  a  couple  of minutes.  Well  anyways, just told them that I just washed my face, and got lost track of time.   I ended my day with a poker face, and feeling uncomfortable all throughout. What a journey it has been indeed! 

With what happened, I'm really going to file a case.  You didn't mention in your product that  "A pineapple a day can make your day grossed" nor  "A pineapple a day can make your tummy upset" 

Gelovsky hmp!


  1. ahaahhaa.... 123... drop/splash.... 123... drop splash. naiimagine ko kung ano ginagawa mo. lol.

    lesson learned? always bring tissue in case of emergency. ^^

  2. Yup!!! a lesson learned indeed. I ain't sure, if I still have reputation after posting this entry haha. Thanks leonrap ^_^

  3. eeeeeh. remember to find tissue first next time!

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  5. Ohhhhhh man. I've been in those types of situation. That's the worst, but sounds like you survived.

  6. Gelovsky ^_^ said...

    @RS It's really EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! hehe thanks for commenting ^_^

  7. @Capricious Retch thanks for dropping by. I guess we've been on the same boat haha! I checked out your profile, and it seems that you're a funny guy. Cool! ^_^

  8. i guess one time or another we all experience 'that' same thing... Now that's we call poise under pressure. LMFAO (ops, not literally) ☺

    Show Me Your Look Today

    have a great week...

  9. Haha! I like pineapple juice man. Now everytime I'm going to drink it, I'm going to think of you and your 'OMG NO TISSUE' =O.

    thanks for the follow.


  10. @Michael haha, I like it when you said poise under pressure. Thanks for the comment ^_^

    @Nas, thanks for following and leaving a comment. Well, no can do! haha. Don't drink pineapple juice when you're too full. ^_^ haha Damn! I can't forget what happened.