Saturday, January 29, 2011

SIM Registration! Like? or Dislike?

A horrible news has struck the nation, when a passenger bus exploded last Tuesday (January 25, 2011). The explosion that happened near the Metro Rail Transit (Buendia station ) along EDSA, had killed five people, and injured several others. Reports claimed that an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was used, and detonated using a cellphone. The massive impact of IED blown up the 81-mm mortal shell, which spifflicated the  front and side glass windows of the Newman Goldliner bus.  
This incident has happened in the Philippines several times, and the government is still having conundrums with these bombers who are detonating bombs using cellular phones.  This triggered Sen. Vicente “Tito” Sotto III to urge the Telcom companies to register SIM cards mandatorily. 

In other countries, they require valid identification cards to be presented first before purchasing SIM cards, which I believe is for sake of their national security. Unlike in the Philippines, you can purchase SIM cards anywhere at your own convenience. Service providers are trying their best to be ahead of their competitors. The more convenient it is, the more profitable it is for them. This makes millions of SIM cards unregistered, and allows people to have more than one SIM.
“Sotto said registering SIM cards will allow authorities to trace it if ever it is used in criminal activities. He said prepaid SIM cards had not only been used in bombings,  but also in other crimes like kidnappings and carnappings.”
The proposition of Senator Sotto is quite apprehensible at first glance, and I know he is just concern for the welfare of the people. But, I believe it should be reviewed very carefully; demerits may exceed merits of this proposition. 
 First, invasion of privacy would be jeopardized.  Wiretapping might be prevalent due to hackers.  On top of that, our law about it is still uncertain. How can they assure subscribers that their confidentiality is maintained, and not tampered with?
Second, how can we be sure that those imbeciles would use their real names, and present their real identification cards?  If we want to avoid identity theft and falsification of documents, we should come up with a unified national identification card.

Third, what should a person do, once his cellular phone was stolen?  Is he the one to blame, once his stolen cellphone was used to detonate the bomb? 
I am not actually against with it; these are just some of the questions that I want to clarify. And I’m sure there are still hanging questions out there, who want to have a conclusive scope of the aforementioned proposition. At least, we know that our government is really doing something to lessen some inhumane acts. As of the moment, we just need to be vigilant (Paranoid would be better) if we sense something suspicious, and let's refrain from making premature assumptions.
What do you think about SIM registration by the way? 


  1. Pabor ako sim card registration, first question, paano ang wiretapping? I wire tap nila ng i wire tap yung number ko, paki alam ko sa kanila, wala naman akong ginagwang masama.:)

    2nd bago ka makabili ng sim card , kelangan kang mg present ng valid ID, basta lahat ng info mo andun..samahan na din ng latest picture, pra kahit di valid ID i bigay nya, atleast andun yung picture na.

    3rd ; kung nanakaw naman ang cellphone mo, i twag sa cellphone provider, pede naman i pblock agad yung nmber ng simcard.

    kaya maraming nan loloko, naloloko, at nag papaloko sa atin dahil kahit saan at anytime pede ka bumili ng cell, at sobrang baba ng price.

  2. Those stupid stupid people that take part in terrorist activity (whichever type it may be) really do make my blood boil.
    And it's really sad whenever it happens and wherever it happens.

    Have a lovely weekend dude

  3. @Adang, you pointed out good points, and I'm really happy about that. Are you still living in the Philippines? You know Filipinos are really intelligent,they can make impossible things possible. Thanks for a detailed comment ^_^

    @Nas, we're just on the same boat. I hate it too, especially seeing innocent people dying. I really wonder what do these bombers get from killing people. It's obnoxious!

    Anyways, thanks for dropping by. Have a great weekend too ^_^

  4. I'm not in favor of it. Much better if the government would just deploy more policemen nor k9 dogs on buses. A CCTV cam on major roads would also be helpful.

    Good post by the way!

  5. @anonymous thanks for dropping by. I think, you came up with good suggestions. I think the government has learned a lot from what happened. Thanks again ^_^

  6. There's something for you on my blog.
    Most recent post!
    Have a lovely weekend

  7. Wow! excited to see it. Thanks Nas=)