Saturday, February 5, 2011


Talking over the phone everyday is part of my life.  I’m a slacker, so I guess this job really fits me.  I just need to talk on the phone for 8 hours, and then I get paid for it.  Basically, my job is to teach English to non-native speaker.  Sounds easy, but it’s really hard since I wasn’t raised in America or Great Britain.  I’m a pure blooded Filipino, born and grew up in the Philippines.  But, no can do!  I need to learn my second language well in order to earn a living. 

Why this job?  Actually, I have two other jobs aside from this one.  I’m also working as a part- time clinic nurse, and an escort haha!   Just kidding, I’m just setting up the mood for this one.  Anyways, I love the bloopers of my students. It really makes my day, and gives me enough reason to stay for good. (I hope I’ll get an increase with what I’ve said LOL!).

 The following conversations are actual experiences that happened over the phone.  I just took 10 of the best responses that made me laugh to death, and as follows: 

Me: What games do you like to play at school? 
Student ANo response for a few minutes...
Me:  Do you like hide and seek, tag or guessing games?
Student A: Uhm...(There's a few moment of silence) Teacher! I love Asian Games
(Ah okay! LOL Good luck to you buddy, I hope you can grab medals.Why not play Olympic Games instead?)

Me: What's the first thing you do in the morning?
Student B: I wash my face, make my bed, and brush my teeth before I eat. 
(He just wants to make sure that he does, what was taught in school)

Me: Do you know what's a couch potato?
Student C: Uhm...Yes!  (He's really confident during this time)
Me: Very good! Okay, what is it?
Student C: It is a potato sitting on a couch. 
(Ugh... LOL!  I really laugh to death with this one. I guess potato chips' commercials are really influential)

Me: What’s a mandatory military service?
Student D:  It's  a service in the military.
(Yeah, she's right!  I shouldn't have asked this question anymore ^_^)

Me: What's your favorite pet? Do you like dogs, cats, or rabbits?
Student E: Teacher! I like a monster. 
(Okay! Good luck, I hope that monster won't devour you for taking good care of him LOL!)

Me: Alright! Let's practice these words---a.) HOLE
Student F: H-O-R-E 
Me: Okay, one more time!  (h'owl)
Student F: H-O-R-E 
(It really sounds like whore to me haha)

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Student G: (The student was really attentive during this class) I want to be a liar!
Me: A Liar? not telling the truth?
Student G: No! court...
( He means "LAWYER"  and not a liar.  I guess kids are telling the truth haha)

Me:  Hello! Oh hi there, where are you? In the city or the countryside?
Student H: I'm here. 
(Ah okay fine!  Very good answer!) 

Me: Do you watch movies with your parents?
Student I: NO!
Me: Why not?
Student I: Because my parents... it's bad...
Me: Go ahead, don't be shy (****evil laugh***)
Student I: Because they like to watch... ( he began to spell the word) E-R-O-T-I-C movies. 
Me: Erotic? Haha! Ah okay... 
(Tsk! Tsk! Parents should be careful next time LOL!  No  more  follow  up questions 
 with this one)     

Me: What's your favorite fruit?
Student J: Uhm... 
Me: Do you like oranges, apples,  melons...?
Student J: NO!
Me: Ah okay, which one do you like?
Student J: Fried chicken!
(Haha! 10 points given for the Fried Chicken fruit)

Encountering these situations everyday would really make your day haha! Which student is your bet by the way? ^_^


  1. I was in the PI for 1 and 1/2 years. I picked up a little Tagalog. That was a long time ago. June 1964 - Dec 1965.

  2. @JT thanks for dropping by ^_^ I'm so happy to here that you've been to the Philippines. Did you go here for a special reason or vacation?

  3. I wonder if that student B is Korean.

  4. @avatarlady thanks for reading and commenting on my post. Ooops, sorry I can't tell ^_^ haha thanks a lot.

  5. I think your English is really good :).
    You should be proud of it.
    And this post maade me smile!
    H-O-R-E. LOL!
    && Fried Chicken FTW :D.


  6. @Nas! millions thanks to you. I'll make a post especially made for you by next week. Thanks buddy ^_^

  7. In fact, so answer's man to your question is me!
    I came back to home at last.

    I think that you are good tutor.

  8. Thanks xxxx haha! Welcome back and I hope we can start your class right away ^_^

  9. pwede ba ang carabao english?

  10. @chinchan why not? haha thanks for commenting again... I really like your blog ^_^

  11. I'm happy that you enjoyed it Candycan ^_^