Friday, June 10, 2011

I SUPER LIKE my name!

Our names make us unique and it encompasses the totality of our individuality. We usually address someone by their monikers, first names or surnames. It is some sort of a reference for what we are known for.

When I was born, my mom named me “ANGELO” she told me that I really looked like an angel and a savior with a halo.  But I guess, time has changed and unfortunately, I’m not able to live up the expectations of my parents. It also made me realize that my mom doesn’t know best after all. Look at me mom; I look like an orc rather than an angel. Though, she’s still very supportive and makes me feel that I’m really super duper handsome especially on pay day. =)

Picking out  the best names for babies is uneasy task to do.  We need to consider lots of factors such as: friends' suggestions,  family affinity and even our own social circle. Since this is a common dilemma, I tried to sum up some easy tips to come up with a baby name that would surely stand out among the rest.  Here are the following suggestions:

1. Make a last name first
One of the  easiest ways of creating  a unique name is by making a last name first , maybe you can check out your contacts on phones or social networking sites, and find out who has an eye catching surname. Maybe you can consider Russel, Harper, Bradley, Blair,  Smith, Kennedy, Morgan and so on…


 2. Consider names of stand out cities
If you like to travel and make it worth remembering, why not  use it as an inspiration for your baby’s name such as: Florence, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Ankara, Venice, Geneva, London, Chennai, Aspen, Phoenix and Sahara.  I'm sure your baby's name is a sure hit across the globe.

 3.  Try to experiment with the names of stars and constellation
If you want your babies to always reach for the stars, maybe having an inspiration from the constellation would solve all your worries about picking out baby names.  Astrology ( Aquarius, Gemini , Pisces...) and planet (Jupiter, Gaia, Venus...) would also stand out.


 4. Consider Biblical Names
If you want their names to be holy, why not choose biblical names. As you look at popular biblical names, the origin and meaning of each name is an important consideration. Here’s a look at six of the most popular biblical characters.

a. Jacob /Hebrew name Ya’akov/ most experts agree the meaning of the name Jacob is “held by the heel, supplanted or protected.” Another source gives the meaning of Jacob as “May God protect.”

b. Joshua/ Yehoshu’a/ “The Lord is salvation.” Many people feel that biblical names convey a spiritual meaning in addition to the literal meaning of the name.
c. Daniel/ Dani’el/ meaning “God is my judge,” He is famous for surviving in a lion’s den, where he had been mistakenly thrown by King Darius of Babylon.

d. Abigail/ Aviga’yil/ meaning “father’s joy”or“ my father is joy.” In the bible, Abigail is described as beautiful and intelligent.

e. Hannah /Chana or Chanah/ meaning “grace, gracious, or merciful.” In the bible, Hannah prays to God for the gift of children.

f. Sarah/ Sara/meaning “princess” or “noble,” certainly a beautiful meaning for a little girl!


 5. Combine Names
Sometimes conflicts arise when the father  and the mother  have their own suggestions about their baby's name.  So instead of debating and overcoming about personal interest, why not combine names?  Combining names of the father and the mother is the easiest way to resolve the problem. Here's how to combine 2 names according to www.

How to combine 2 names to make a baby's name?

1. Flip through the baby name book and find names that appeal to you.
2. Write two columns on a piece of paper, one side for boy names and another side for girl names.  Make a column for neutral names if your wish. Write down the names that appeal to you.
3. Use a second piece of paper and create columns matching the column names on the original paper- one for boys, one for girls, and one for unisex names. Draw a line down the middle of each column.
4. Start with the first set of names, then dissect each  in half.  Write the two halves on each side of the line in the column on the corresponding paper. For example, if you have the name Diane, transfer this name to the girl column on the second paper, putting "Di"  on one side of the line, and "ANE" on the other side of the line.  Do this with each name, until you have columns of name sections.
5. Use a third piece of paper to begin combining names that you like from each column.  For instance, you like Audrey, and your husband likes Elle, combine them to create "AUDRELLE"

Anyway, since we’re talking about names. I also tried to collect the most common and weirdest names in the land. It’s really amazing to find out the creativity and imagination of our parents. I really don’t know where they usually get their inspirations in giving names, but it’s like magic when they have chosen and given you the name which suits your personality. Here’s a preview of the most common names given in the U.S.A, U.K and Australia. 
 Top Baby Names



Well, the aforementioned names sound good aren’t they? But what if our parents become super creative, super inspired, and super excited to give names? Here’s what actually happens!
"TOP 10 Most Weirdest Names Ever" 

10. 4real Superman Wheaton (Surely, he’s for real!)

9. Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa (Apparently, she was screaming louder than any other baby in the  nursery, and that's how she got the name "Diva." While eating thin muffins? ) 
8. GoldenPalaceDotCom Silverman (I think his parents are super rich! What do you think?)
7. Savior God Scientist Allah (His parents are very religious)

6. Espn Malachi McCall (pronounced "Espen", I think it should have been fox sports channel) 

5. Dick Assman (I like his name! I’m sure he wasn’t bullied when he’s younger.) 

4.@ (It should have been @ yahoo, @ google or  @blogspot sounds more unique & to make it complete. )

3. Urhines Kendall Icy Eight Special K. ("Your Highness,” This name is in case you missed it a reference to the illicit drug ketamine.) 

2.. Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (I was really careful in typing his name; I don’t want to miss any roman numeral.) 

1. Lleieusszuieusszesszes Willihiminizisteizzi Hurrizzissteizzi ( Maybee his parents heard bees when he was born, bzzzz! Bzzzz! I’m sure his friends call him “L”)

A newly born baby from Israel was named after a famous social networking site. Lior Adler and his wife Vardit named their daughter "LIKE”. They're huge fans of  Facebook that's why, they named their daughter after the popular feature of this social networking site which is the LIKE button. I hope Like will really like her name in the future. Let’s super like LIKE!
By the way, I'm still searching for babies named after twitter, MySpace, Google, or even SKYPE.  I'm sure it's going to be a super hit!  ^_^
I hope you had fun reading this entry, and if you have some incredible stories about your name, kindly share it below the comment section. Let’s all super like our names! ^_^


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