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A smartphone is a mobile phone device equipped with a comprehensive service platform, and perceived to have a pc like functionality. It offers beyond a typical mobile phone features such as: an email device for education and finance, video recorder, gaming and entertainment, camera, music player, cellphone and so on…

In today's digital age, getting a smartphone is indeed frugal and a smart move. Everything that you need is compressed together in an all-in-one-device, which is primarily designed to multi-task and lighten up your load. Thousands of smartphones are already out in the market, and most of it defines what it is like to live in the 21st century offering comfortable life, but some of the handset are just aping its predecessors. Given the said dilemma, it’s such a pain in the neck for the consumers to figure out which smartphone really stands out, in order to fit their lifestyles and needs.

The emergence of the increasing demands of smartphones worldwide has pushed the local and international manufacturers to produce a handset which is innovative, and has varying features in order to gain stardom and dominance.  One of the international manufacturers in particular has shown an exceptional promise in producing top of the line smartphones --- “LG ELECTRONICS”. Life’s Good, is a living testament of LG in creating a happier and better lives for their consumers, since its founding year in 1958(Gold star) until it changed its name in 1995 (LG Electronics) . The brand which has been tried and tested all throughout the years recently launched its OPTIMUS BLACK PHONES: LG OPTIMUS 2X (P990) and LG OPTIMUS BLACK (P970). Both of these phones are widely known as GENIUS phones, and currently the hottest android smartphones in the market to date. So, why stop at “smart” when you can be “genius”?

What makes LG OPTIMUS 2X and LG OPTIMUS BLACK genius phones compared to ordinary smartphones? Answering this query is just a piece of cake. Well, aside from the fact that sky’s the limit when it comes to the specifications of LG OPTIMUS 2X and OPTIMUS BLACK phones which are featured on the videos below. These phones which are products of a thorough research are courageous enough to shine and defy the new standards when it comes to smartphones, while others are still on its brainstorming phase. For instance, LG OPTIMUS 2X made it as the world’s first DUAL-CORE smartphone on the market as certified by the Guinness World Records. It’s fast enough to record 1080P full HD movies and captures photos like no other smartphones. This makes life easier for an average employee working 24/7 in a fast-paced environment, who needs to multi-task in order to get his work done. The faster he retrieves and relays information, the faster he gets his work done, thus giving him more ample time to attend to his other needs. On the other hand, LG OPTIMUS BLACK has the world’s brightest NOVA display which reduces power consumption by 50% during indoor use, and also features the World's  first Wi-Fi Direct technology, which delivers faster local file transfers than Bluetooth 2.x.  These were just a few instances of the legacy that these phones have brought us. LG OPTIMUS 2x and OPTIMUS black phones have already made its mark and changed something for the betterment of life. Indeed, it definitely stands out among the rest, and worthy enough to be called--- GENIUS PHONES!
Beyond the hype that’s going on with the new LG Optimus black phones, it would be better to itemize its specifications and find out what’s the talk about. Let’s unleash the features behind these phones, and who knows? You might find more reasons to drool for these phones.
With the aforementioned specifications of LG OPTIMUS 2X and OPTIMUS BLACK. There are so many exciting features that I'm looking forward to experience, like the awesomeness of the G-Key and the Wi-Fi direct technology from LG OPTIMUS BLACK. I would also like to try the 8MP camera, dual-core processor, 7.1 virtual surround, games powered by the gyro sensors, and content mirroring through HDMI interface features of LG OPTIMUS 2X. Actually there are so many likable features to put into writing, but It’s really hard to enumerate them all; it’s definitely a total package in one!  

As a home based online teacher, I really find these genius phones very useful, and can be considered as an investment. There are actually three main features which I think I can make use the most such as:
1. 2MP Front-Facing Camera (LG OPTIMUS BLACK PHONE)
It will surely enhance video calling/chatting especially on my part where SKYPE, Gmail and Gtalk are components of my job. This will make my life easier, since my occupation entails face to face interaction online. My job is exciting but the working environment is boring. It's like I'm always hogtied in my room most of the time, and then having classes , checking emails, reading articles and other stress related tasks. I want to experience having classes outside the corners of my room conveniently. Life's good indeed! There's no need for me to be tangled by the cords of my netbook computer, headset and webcam. All I need to have is OPTIMUS black, if I want to go somewhere. With its 2MP front facing camera; my life would infinitely get better!

2. 8MP Camera & 1080P Full HD VIDEO (LG OPTIMUS 2X)
I enjoy sightseeing the most when I take pictures. It's like a different world whenever I capture new boundaries on my lens as a sourvenir. My camera has 12.1 MP but falls short when it comes to video recording. It can only record up to 720p HD and has also some issues with it's clarity, precision and optical zoom lens as shown in the picture. Given a chance, aside from taking pictures with OPTIMUS 2X, I would really love to record the different beautiful landscapes of the Philippines for my students. It will definitely motivate them to take part in our rich heritage,and definitely create an awareness in their own countries about the splendid Philippines. Honestly, based on my experience, describing each place that I've been to, is really a nosebleeding experience, so when they asked? I just send them pictures right away, it's up to them to unravel what kind fo picture it is all about. With the 1080P Full HD Video, everyone would enjoy its enriched full HD multimedia.
3. Dual-Core (LG OPTIMUS 2X)
Online teaching is a multifaceted job which requires multi-tasking a lot. Once I start my work, I usually start browsing multiple sites & applications like SKYPE,Gmail,GTalk,Pamela voice recording, Online Dictionary, Angry birds and a lot more. The result is really annoying considering that you’re expecting that much from your gadget. I’m really sick and tired of sluggish response which also produces bad quality calls. I’m having a hard time trying to patch up choppy lines. Having a Dual-Core smartphone is really an advantage, aside from the fact that you can carry it anywhere you’d like to go. Opening multiple windows without a lag is just a piece of cake. For this sole reason, upon hearing that LG Optimus 2x has the power of Dual core , my netbook computer which has 1.3 MP camera and runs only with Intel Atom inside, has totally  blown away that's why, it already submitted its resignation effective July 07, 2011 at 8pm.
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Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius.Visit for more information!


  1. I would really like 2x. It looks cool!!!

  2. I recently got the HTC Desire HD, gonna have to wait to get a new one :P

  3. @Keith, thanks for dropping! It's really cool isn't it?

    @Nas, Oh cool! I think these phones are already out in London. Maybe you drop by to check them out. I'm really hoping to get my Optimus 2x or black phones soon..

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