Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Have you experienced applying for an NBI clearance when you applied for a new job,  to travel or work abroad recently? A lot of people have done it a couple of years ago hassle free and no need to worry to wake up as early as 3 am, wait for the long line and be done after 7 or 8 gruelling hours.

The NBI system in the previous years was facilitated by Third party contractors which used systems to process the in-demand NBI documents.  Unlike now, for the first time in the history,  the NBI managed to developed their very own clearance system which was internally developed. To serve as a reliable and faster platform for  processing of applicants information. The latest upgrade sounds too good to be true, but the bottomline is, does it really serve it's purpose to make  the peoples' lives easier when getting their clearance?

Last February 5th, I tried everything first hand.  From encoding my information thru their online form  http://nbi-online.com/  up to the submission on the date itself. By the way, you MUST do NEW APPLICATION for NBI clearance and NOT renewal.

It was around 6am when I arrived at Robinson's Ermita.  The line was already long and most of the people told me that they've been there as early as 3 am.  Around 8am, the numbers were given and we're fortunate to be given  numbers 185 and 186. We were told that they will accommodate only the first 300. Meaning to say, if you're number 301 just better luck next time. Wake up early tomorrow and try it again.  I notice that they follow mall hours, so they're open at 10a and close at 7pm. Well, it was fair enough to be handed out with numbers and were told that we're part of batch 2 to be back at 1pm.

(Here's the complete lists of the NBI centers where you can  apply for your clearance http://www.nbiclearance.com/where-to-apply-nbi-clearance-location-complete-list-of-nbi-clearance-outlets-in-the-philippines ).

After  we roamed around the mall and ate our lunch, we already went to the basement and  were asked to fall in line AGAIN based on the numbers that we had.  It was very organized and very comfortable EXCEPT the long queue.

STEP 1 (PAYMENT) While waiting for the people who didn't have their online forms, they were handed with the form which they need to fill out.   So what's the benefit of having an online form? 

STEP 2 (ENCODING).  People who didn't have their online forms need to fall in line again so that the encoder can encode their personal information on the computer right after the payment.  Trust me, it was longer than ever, so better come prepared and do your homework at home by encoding your  personal info on their online form so that you will skip this part.

STEP 3 (BIOMETRICS) People with online forms have really the advantage because it's a shorter line.  They'll just have your fingerprints and your photo.  And if you're good to go, you can readily get your NBI clearance in no time, if you have pending case or namesake you will be marked as a HIT!.

STEP 4 (RELEASING) If your application  is good to go then you can get it in no time, but if it's marked with a hit, they will usually ask to come back 1 week later which actually happened to me.  I was really LUCKY...

Moving forward after a 1 week...

Since I was so busy with work, I just asked someone to be my representative. I presented an authorization letter,  my receipt and also photocopies of 2 valid IDs.  I even let him bring my 2 orginal ID's just to be safe with the requirements. I did the right thing and a representative is really okay to claim  your clearance on behalf, but I never saw something coming.  My receipt was marked "FOR QUALITY CONTROL INTERVIEW"  I was instructed that I need to go to the main office to be asked with questions.. I mean I was schedule for an interrogation.  It really FREAKED ME OUT for two reasons.  Mainly because it's my first time and for sure it will be an inconvenient on my part since I have a daytime job.


Based on  my perception it's either you have a pending/criminal case or just  a namesake (you have same first and middle name or first and last name) .  The interview process is to just verify the identity and history of the applicant.

February 18, 2014

I rode LRT going to UN avenue. The NBI main office is very easy to locate you just have to cross and just observe where the crowd is, and that's where you're heading. Kidding aside, the landmark would be Manila Doctors hospital or Times plaza. 

I arrived around 6:55am and you can already see people filing from the gate of the NBI main office.  Do not be bothered by that long line because it's for the application of NBI clearance.  I just entered the vicinity of the front gate and I asked assistance from one of their staffs.  I was told to enter the building and just follow the arrow pointing to the QUALITY CONTROL INTERVIEW.  The signage was big enough and very easy to follow.

Once you reach the hallway leading to the QUALITY CONTROL INTERVIEW you can see small  box on the wall beside the front door, and it instructs you to put your full name at the back of your NBI clearance receipt and then just wait for your name to be called with a NUMBER.  ( They will only cater up to 200 people per day.)

As early as 6:55am, my number was already 175 and they're calling per batch. So just imagined how much more if I arrive a bit later, I will not be able to accomplish it perhaps.  I saw people coming around at 9am but they were told to come back again tomorrow because they already reach their cut off.  Don't feel bad and just leave because they will not really entertain you anymore. ( TIP: I asked some people around and told me that they've been there as early 5am).  " AN EARLY BIRD CATCHES EARLY NUMBERS" don't ever forget this saying.

As far as I remembered, they start calling numbers as early as 7am they usually call 10 people every 30-45 minutes depending on the status of the applicant. They follow NO LUNCH BREAK POLICY so it's a big relief for us.

Going on, I notice that most people who left the room smiling, so it makes me feel comfortable that they will not arrest you on the spot.  I also saw some police officers with handcuffs, lining up near the Quality Control Interview room. I really thought they're up to arresting applicants with proven criminal case, I was really paranoid that time, and but I  found out that they're also applying for their NBI clearance.  It was really hirlarious!!!

It was around 4:30p  when the batch from 170-180 was called.  The moment of truth has arrived!   Inside the room with the 10 of us, there were about 3 or 4 people reviewing our status.  While waiting for my turn, I can really hear what the interviewer and the interviewee were saying.  I notice that some of them has had previous criminal case which already closed and majority were just namesakes. 

When you had a previous criminal case, you just have to present supporting documents proving  that your case has been dismissed and you're good to go. For namesakes, it was really a stress free situation because they know that it's not really you. But for verification process, they just want to make sure that they will hand out the clearance for innocent applicants.  In my case,  my namesake had an attempted murder case, which definitely is a serious offense.  Honestly, the interviewer just verified my address and we already had a chat not about the case but about the nature of my job which is not related to the offense anymore.  The interviewers are really professional, very accommodating and kind.   It will just take 3 to 5 minutes for the interrogation  and will already hand you  the Affidavit of Denial.  She will check all the required fields to be filled up. She will also instruct you on what to write.  You can fill this up on the empty tables beside you. Once done, submit it to NBI Clearance Resident Lawyer which is also in the room, to have the affidavit notarized  with your thumb mark.  He will ask you to take an oath and deny the allegations.

After the oath, go back to your interviewer and submit your Affidavit of Denial, she will then give back your receipt in return and will ask you to claim your clearance already.  Leave the room and proceed directly to the releasing section.  (NOTE: Everything is FREE OF CHARGE except the envelope  of course which is P5.00 and optional).

Hope all of my experiences during the Quality Control Interview help. REMEMBER: MOST OF THE THINGS THAT WE WORRY ABOUT DON'T HAPPEN"  =) 


  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to QC office on Monday. Now I'm more relaxed.

  2. I am an OFW for more than 20 yrs till Jan, 2015. Now I decided to apply for a job locally. One of my requirements is my NBI clearance. During the releasing time I came to pick up my NBI and was amazed that the NBI staff told me that I have to go for interview. I am not curious what happened then I was informed that there is the same name like mine that has a case of MURDER in a specific town. Honestly I never been to that town and don"t even knew anybody there. Then she told me that I need to go the that certain town to get a clearance from the trial court to prove that my name is clear on that case . My concerned is...Why?? first of all I am working all day. ..the place is too far..and is it my mistake if someone has the same name like mine?? why I have to bear all the consequences? although they did not conclude that the middle name is same like mine..there's a lot of things to find out..I was abroad since 2001-20015 and I have traveled a lot going and coming out of Phils. due to my job. Why?? what are the functions and responsibilities of NBI?? thought to investigate and find out if possible the cause of the case or problem. Till now I am curious, please advice.

  3. Last march 19,2018 nagpunta aq s nbi clearance quezon city hall pinababalik aq april 5,2018 so bumalik aq knina pinababalik aq ulit bukas for interview may hit daw sa name q. Ever since kumuha aq lagi ng nbi clearance lagi my hit lagi aq bumabalik para makuha nbi clearance q. First time q for the rest of my life na iinterviewhin ksi my hit dw ung name q