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FM Group offers a line of perfumes and cosmetics designed and created entirely in Europe. There are scents available for everyone: from floral to woody, light to heavy and sporty to casual. Their products meet the highest European standards for quality and are not animal tested. Best of all they are available to you for a fraction of the average bottle of brand name perfume. With it's sheer quality and affordability, I'm definitely sure that it will exceed your expectations.


Classic Collection

Classic Collection

Luxury Collection

Luxury Collection



Classic Collection


FM 43 Energetic scent of cardamom, pink pepper, mandarin, coriander and freesia. NEW!

FM 54 Mysterious aromaof bergamot, mint, sage,lavender, cedar and oakmoss.

FM 68 Provoking scentof cedar wood, lavender,tobacco, bergamot andlemon.

FM 135 Surprise with theintense aroma of mandarin,sour orange, santolina andambergris.

FM 189 Alive and pulsingcombination of grapefruit,raspberry, lavender andheliotrope.

FM 225 Sophisticated aromabased on ebony and teakwood with a note of violetleaves, lavender, gingerand citrus.


FM 52 Hypnotic aroma of citruses, apple, cinnamon and spicy clove. NEW!

FM 64 Elegant and sensualaroma of mandarin, anise,musk and flowers of the olivetree.

FM 66 Delicate notes oflavender and Chinese cedar,enriched with accords oflime and balsamic ambergis.

FM 224 Cane sugar, vanilla,ambergris, nutmeg andjasmine create a sweet anda very seductive composition.

FM 302 Simple and verymasculine fragrance basedon flowers, orange zest,spices and ambergris.

FM 314 The freshness of sea breeze combined with the delicacy of water lilies. NEW!


FM 56 Inflaming your senseswith extracts of honeysuckle,juniper, resin and cedar.

FM 83 Delicate and captivatingaroma of bergamot, papyrusand sensual tones of musk.

FM 110 Combined powers ofvanilla, musk, amber, orangeflower and lily of the valley.


FM 57 Heavenly compositionof apple, plum, cinnamon,pepper and Jamaican rum.

FM 134 Captivating aromaof mandarin, bitter orange,cedar, patchouli and seaweed.

FM 316 A sensual aroma of jasmine, violet, rose, musk and papaya. NEW!


FM 190 Extremely masculinescent of cedar wood,sandalwood and guayacansweetened with citruses.



FM 195 A mix of coriander and cardamom smoked with a touch of precious tobacco. NEW!


FM 301 A decisive aroma of cedar wood, coriander, ambergis and resin, enhanced with energetic notes of lemon and mandarine. NEW!

FM 299 Absinthe, red basil, hot pepper and benzoin create a composition to which you cannot be indifferent. NEW!

FM 199 Rich and complex composition where you can find mint, tangerine, cinnamon, cardamom, rose and notes of leather. NEW!

FM 169 Relaxing aroma of Sicilian mandarin and spices. NEW!



Classic Collection


FM 07 Charming scent ofsweet pea, freesiaand jasmine.

FM 10 Fresh notes ofmandarin, rose, ivyand African orchid.

FM 17 Seductive scentcreated by combining apple,freesia, tuberose and jasmine.

FM 21 Warm, dreamyscent of rose, jasmine andylang-ylang flower.

FM 25 A harmonious blendof freesia, iris, passionflower,exotic fruit and white cedar.

FM 81 Eccentric scent ofmagnolia, lily of the valley,rose and violet, complementedby the gentle notes of appleand green cucumber.

FM 122 Essence ofindependence withthe inspiration of jasmine,pomegranate and lilyof the valley.

FM 132 Exclusive andmysterious aroma ofgardenia, peony, orange,ambergis and tuberose.

FM 174 Scent conjured upfrom fresh lilies, freesia,magnolia and jasmine.

FM 180 Timeless, seductivearoma of raspberry, lychee,freesia, rose, patchouli andvanilla.

FM 181 Playful and flirtatiousscent where you find citrusfruit, redcurrant and water lily.

FM 183 Sexy combination ofthe helleborus flower, pinkpepper, cranberry, massoiatree and vanilla.

FM 232 The most beautifulscents of peony, fresh violetleaves and Baie rose.

FM 234 Natural aroma of tearoses, tulips and irises.

FM 239 Vibrant and intensefragrance of iris, Ceylon teaand campanulas.

FM 256 Inspiring, seductivebouquet created withmandarin flowers, calla, lotus,rose and stephanotis.

FM 261 Artistic Ikebanaarranged with lotus flowers,freesia, cyclamen, peony,carnation and tuberose.

FM 262 Universal captivating composition with its charm of freesia, mandarin, sage, lily of the valley, marigold and narcissus. NEW!

FM 266 Elegant combinationof fresh bergamot andnerol with sensual scent ofmagnolia and ylang-ylangflowers.

FM 268 Rich compositioncombining anise, liquoriceand violet with thesophisticated aroma ofpatchouli, vetiver, labdanumresin, ambergris and tonkabean.

FM 270 Elegance with a hintof extravagance: sweet pea,bergamot, pink pepper,heliotropium, elemi raisin,tonka bean and patchouli.

FM 272 Essence of youthand energy inspired by juicymandarin, raspberries, freesia,violet, iris and sandal tree.

FM 308 Delicate charmingaroma of jasmine, honey,orange flower and tea leaves.

FM 312 Peony, dark chocolate,coffee, vanilla and green andcitrus notes – a captivatingeffect!

FM 315 This delicate, intricate fragrance, reminds you of Summer, delighting and refreshing you. Scent notes: red grapefruit, bergamot, Chinese golden magnolia, white lilies, and mimosa. NEW!

FM 231 Delightfully cool aroma of rose, jasmine and water lilies. NEW!


FM 273 Mature sensual smellof magnolia, ylang-ylang, irisand cedar tree.


FM 05 Delightful andintriguing aroma ofsandalwood, coriander, roseand vanilla.

FM 18 Radiant notes of orange,grapefruit and bergamotmixed with the sweetness ofjasmine and rose.

FM 34 Fresh wave of citruses,hyacinth and iris with a hintof patchouli and pink pepper.


FM 06 Selected mixed notesof citruses and oak moss.

FM 23 Sweet and veryseductive notes of tangerine,jasmine and vanilla.

FM 33 Refreshing power ofjasmine, white rose, bamboo,apple and lemon.


FM 12 Full of energy, hypnoticfragrance of passion fruit,vanilla, maple tree and jasmine.

FM 98 Refreshing power of citrus deepened with sweet flowers and woody notes. NEW!

FM 101 Mysterious aroma ofwhite musk, vanilla, incense,orange flower and pear.

FM 177 A scent of saffron, incense, vanilla, bergamot and orange flower to free your desires. NEW!

FM 173 Dream-like mixture ofbitter almonds, vanilla, musk,moss and Jacaranda tree.

FM 237 Provoking andkittenish notes of peony,blackcurrant and vanilla.

FM 257 A sophisticated,surprisingly originalcombination of daisy, rose,jasmine, musk and patchouli.

FM 286 Emphasizing the sensual, mature aroma of rose, patchouli, ambergris, bergamot and orange. NEW!



FM 298 Explosion of citrus energy surrounded by a subtle aroma of roses, osmanthus, peony, sandalwood and patchouli. NEW!

FM 292 Pleasantly refreshing composition of lychee, plum, mimosa, violet, jasmine and Tectona grandis. NEW!

FM 291 Luscious flavour of juicy raspberries, rose, vanilla and patchouli.. NEW!


FM 287 Tempting aroma of tonka beans, Chinese liquorice, ambergris, almond tree and jasmine.NEW!

FM 290 The seductive power of wood fragrances, softened by the light scents of lily of the valley, magnolia, jasmine and honey. NEW!

FM 313 Compelling combination of notes of lemon, sweet raspberries and honey with intoxicating flavour of orange blossom, jasmine and herbal aroma of patchouli. NEW!


FM 293 Temptation of warm aroma of vanilla, ivy, mandarin, jasmine and cedar. NEW!

For those who are interested,  I have  a starter kit  which includes 100 sample vials to help you choose  the fragrance you want to buy. The scents in the bottle are identical to that of the sample.   I highly recommend  to first try the sample, before ordering the product.

1 bottle  or more=  FREE DELIVERY

If you're interested kindly email me at ( and I'll just send you my number.  Delivery of purchased perfumes is free of charge as long as it is within Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES    ^_^


  1. I haven't visited your blog for a while. I don't use a lot of perfume. God bless you.

  2. @JT, thanks again for visiting my blog... If you changed your mind, and decided to buy a perfume, don't hesitate to message me okay.. haha( kidding)

    God bless JT ^^

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    Thanks for the visit. Anyway, are these the perfume you're talking about? I kinda use mainstream colognes (right now im using CK free and CK Eternity - Aqua) but it wudnt hurt to try out new ones. Let's see. I'll email you when I get the time. If you got ym, my ym ID is on my profile page.


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  4. Yep! ^^

    Okay no problem...if you have time much better if we could talk on skype to show you the kit and the perfume itself... I'm always on skype okay...

    Thanks ^^

  5. nice perfumes. Now you can use this buy leads directory to promote bulk cosmetics supplies import & export business.

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