Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Whenever I see a child, I can’t prevent myself from smiling.   Looking through their eyes is an epitome of living in a world of innocence and happiness.   Their world is a magical place where you can throw all your worries away. Their adorability brings joy and an indescribable feeling, hence; no amount of money can ever replace their existence.  

I wrote this entry to express how upset I am upon seeing the video this morning.  It was just really disturbing seeing a child who was treated heartlessly.  A child who is an offspring of our kind, and deserves to be loved, nurtured, and protected was neglected.

Kindly watch this video:
Gruesome footage of a toddler falling victim to two successive hit-and-run accidents and then being ignored by many passers-by at the scene last week.
The accident was really gruesome, and the injury of the child could have been lessen if the 2 drivers and the witnesses, who are more than a dozen,  just showed a sign of single compassion to this poor girl. 
 I know others are afraid to help due to incidents of being prosecuted for causing further injury to the victims because of their pathetic Samaritan law. But so what? And who cares about those freaking rules anyway?  It doesn’t give anyone the right to disregard someone’s life who’s at risk for sake of money or violations that might occur. The bottom-line is that you help, you save someone’s life, and you make a difference.  This is something that you don’t encounter and do every day.
In the end, I’m really having a doubt if those people who passed by as if nothing happened are too crazy or afraid to be humane? Is this the real standard of how the world should be for them?  I know that this is not a representation of the country as a whole, and it’s not a good thing to generalize since this is an isolated case. But morality wise, they need to inculcate the value of kindness, compassion, sound judgment, common sense, and being a person who cares for his own race, despite the consequences they’re might up to.
By the way, the doctors already announced that Yue Yue was very close to brain death and unlikely to survive but miracles do happen…
YUE YUE deserves to live... Let's unite and include her in our prayers for her fast recovery.
Let's show the world that we still care for the future of our generation because we are HUMAN

Just got the bad news that  Yue Yue  already died of systemic organ failure. She's really too young to experience the cruelness and heartlessnes  of  people.   But I guess, all of us should learn from this incident and constantly remind ourselves start taking care of each other. 

I hope  that the pain and sufferings that you endured  may bring moral development  and enlightenment to vanish the dark sides  of our society.

Farewell  and Rest in Peace YUE YUE 


  1. This kind of similar to what happen in SM Pampanga (Philippines) video showing two teens both shot and it also show police presence in the video. The police and other bystander are just looking by, no one doesn't seem to know common emergency aid to help those teens or is it just that NO ONE REALLY CARES NOWADAYS?

  2. @Otakore you're right... I've also seen that video and sad to say no one cared, as if nothing happened...

    I think there are still people who really care, and very much willing to help. But at the end, we should always be reminded that social responsibility starts in ourselves. Thanks for the wonderful insight ^^ I can't wait for your next post ^^

  3. i love that you put the michael jackson video here too. this was a terrible horrible SAD show of human apathy.

  4. @tndcallphilippines, You're right, I'm still upset up to now. but quite happy at the same time because their government is already dealing with this issue. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you'd visit this blogsite again...

    Thanks ^^

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  6. @Aisha I really apprecitate your kind words... Thanks a lot for dropping by... I'm gonna check your blog ^^

  7. And still from MJ:'gone too soon.'

    Stuff like these makes us realize that life is indeed short, so while we're still alive, let's just do good and reach out. Afterall, it's the only legacy that shall be remembered of us in this fleeting and temporary world.

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. @MYKE you're right, life is really too short.

    Let's do our best to reach out to those are in need... Thanks Myke for always commenting ^^