Saturday, July 9, 2011


Have you been depressed, confused, bored and lonely lately? Have you ever dreamt of something so badly, where you’re so close yet so far? Does giving up is not an option? Or it just stalls everything? Sometimes obstacles are too much to handle to the point that we just let it succumbs our being. We’ve always wanted a 360 degree change in the course of our lives, but no can do!    

How are you? The question is simple yet poignant. As we face the downsides of our lives, the question becomes harder and harder. For instance, I remember a time in my life where I ignored this kind of question. I really didn’t know how to respond in such a way it would sound I’m okay. I kept running from time to time trying to escape the painful memories of the past. It's like being in a situation without options, and all you have to do is watch all your dreams, friends, and family vanished one by one.

Admit it! There were really times that we’ve been totally fed up with the predicaments that we have, to the point that we can’t feel anymore. For life would sometimes take us to the abyss of nowhere. We’re always sure of ourselves and the things that we want to do, until everything changes instantly. At some point, we need to realize that hardships might be inevitable, but we don't have to be prisoners of our past. We need to learn how to move on, and eventually face the reality no matter what the odds might be. Losing is painful, but remember that winning is not everything. It’s the experiences that we’ve been through which could transform us into a better version of our old selves.

Life is a celebration yet full of disappointment and surprises. No one can really dictate our future, for tomorrow holds mysteries. Everybody makes mistakes, but life always offers chances. I’m really suck at giving advices, but my experiences once taught me that when you get tired of living, just think of the people you really cared the most, and start living a life for them. It would keep the flares of your hope burning and makes life worth living.

At the end of the day, we only have one life to live, so start looking for magic rather than obstacles. Come on; if you’re sad or shedding tears onto your face right now, just remember that nothing’s accomplished with tears. There would always be someone who’s experiencing worst situation than you do. So go on, SMILE and pick up the pieces of yourself, try it once more, and believe that your life begins today…


  1. I hope you can post more entry like this... It's really good!

  2. makabuluhan. like! like ko rin ang bagong profile pic. hehe! :)

  3. @Ona, wow thanks a lot for! It really made me happy ^_^

    @Aris, I'm glad that you made another visit. It's always been my pleasure.. I really like your blog a lot!