Friday, December 10, 2010

"My First Love"

You made my eyes jumbo when the first time I saw you. Your innocent look and devilish smile helped me decide that you're the one. Remembering the good times that we had , makes it harder for me to move  on.  I   hope by chance you can read this somewhere. I taught you how to read remember? Haha!

I still remember that day, when you were in a big coop with your friends. They were playing and roaming around but you were aloof on the corner. I wondered what you're doing, so I checked it out.  I was surprised to find out that you're busy eating the bunch of carrots all by yourself.  You're quite anti-social, misunderstood and just wanted to be left alone. It sucks thinking that no one dares to take care of us.  I see myself in you; you’re exactly like who I am. What happened between us was love at first sight.

I still remember the first day I put you inside my room. You're so pathetic in your condition , but what else can I do? You need to earn my trust! As days went by, we got along easily. You always slept on my bed and wanted to kiss me every day. You made my room messy, stinky and even converted it into a place unsuitable for human beings.  But I still accepted you for who you are, I have loved you so much even just for a few weeks. I guess love is really blind.

I still remember our second week; I let you have a breath of fresh air for the first time. I took you out of my room and let you gander at the beautiful flowers of my mom. I thought you're pretty amazed and thankful of what I did, but I was surprise that within you hid a little devil. You shamelessly devoured my mom's flowers with no hesitations at all. You just consumed most of it in just a few minutes. On top of that, you're so fucking voracious, for it was not only the flowers that you ate , but also the fresh sprouting leaves. You put my life at risk knowing that my mom would kill me. She meticulously took care of the flowers for ages, which came from far-flung corners of the Philippines.  I trusted you so much, but what the hell did you do?  Love is kind and forgiving so, I readily forgave you for that.
I still remember the first time we had a bath together. I knew you hated water that’s why; I enjoyed pouring water on your tiny head. I chased after you as you kept on running in the bathroom.   You're very naughty and I was already at my saturation point, when I had thought of drowning you into the toilet bowl.  But I didn’t, because I care so much about you. We're so wet and wild during that time and honestly, I enjoyed every moment of it.  I’ve learned that love is patient no matter what because of you.
 I still remember the day you bit me, I knew I can’t blame you for that. I was too busy with my personal life and board exam. The day you started to fall out of love with me was a bit challenging for you. You're too depressed that time, you gained weight and didn't want to move that much. I thought you're committing suicide for eating the food that you're not supposed to eat. You started to eat pandesal, menudo and chicken adobo. Oh man!  In love, you need to learn how to love yourself first before others would love you back.
Finally, I still remember when I heard that you're going to have a new home. I was saddened by the news but I have no choice but to let you go.  I’m not good at saying goodbye so the day you left; I just instructed you one thing: You  should not leave your cage when there are predators around, but what did you?  You didn't listen to me.   I didn’t know exactly if you committed suicide because of me or that was your last resort for you to move on. I just heard the terrifying news from my uncle that you were bitten by a dog.

It’s horrible at first but you’ve taught me something that is invaluable. I’ve learned that in love, if you really love the person you need to learn how to let go.
I know you’re happy right now. I will always remember the lessons that you’ve taught me. I hope you'll be happy to whom I might end up with. As a sign of my love, I included all of your favorite food on this post. Bon Appetit  Jumbo!


In memory of Jumbo; my beloved Rabbit and first love “2007-2010"  


  1. Ah, so sweet. My aunt and uncle had bunnies too. They were so cute. They ate 'em... *disturbed face*. The chickens too. Sigh. Anyway, nice story.

  2. Oh cool! except eating the bunnies. It's quite disturbing haha. Well anyway, thanks @stories for appreciating the story =)

  3. This is a cute little post. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  4. @K.D storm, thanks for appreciating our love story lol. Have a nice day ma'am =)