Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life as I know it!

What's life? Well, I don't know! That's the reason why I'm asking lol! Each of us has a unique calling for us to fulfill---They called it fate. Our own description of our life determines our values, expectations, goals, and perhaps destiny. People say that, the way you see your life shapes your life; it's our life's metaphor. Uhm! Okay, but It's still vague and fuckin' hard to understand the complexities of life.

 Lately, I was really preoccupied with lots of things. I often entertain questions I can't answer. Such as:uncertainties with my future (As if there's a great future in store for me), about what life has to offer for a pervert like me and why I'm so handsome? Only one thing is certain, I'm contented but I ain't happy. Consequently, I don't know what I'm looking for. I just know that I want some more, and wanna enjoy everything while it lasts. Life is now or never!

I got inspired to talk about life due to my musings on the subway every day. I usually notice the different facets of people's lives. Some are in a hurry; others are stationary. Some are happy; others are sad. (Let’s include poker faces, lady GaGa would be delighted for sure, if she has read this). There are so many people with different perspectives about lives. Just looking at the crowd, while listening to my heartbeats never failed to amaze me. It’s a picturesque description of what life is. It's full mystery; none of us is certain where life would bring us tomorrow.

In my case, I've experienced ups and downsides of life. Mostly, failures! I can't even count how many times I failed. I have stumbled and fell a lot of times. It's like a ratio of 100 failures to 1 one real smile for me. Crap! Trust me; it's so hard to be in my situation. What else could go wrong? lol. I have learned everything in the hardest way. 

Somehow, looking back at what I've been through has helped me shape and define my life. I began to see life as a poker game/card game. I have learned the following realizations such as: Dealing with my cards very well no matter how bad my deck is, learning to refrain from making choices once frustrated, for it may cloud my decision making, controlling my tilt whether I'm overwhelmed or depressed, and finally realizing that there may be harm in risking, but having regrets in doing nothing is the worst of all.

The quality of our life determines by the quality of the choices that we make; life offers us variety of choices and chances, which will help us to be better that what we used to be.

What about you? How do you see life?


  1. Hi, Thanks for following my blog. I am curious about what you mean by contented but not happy. Sounds like you are trying to make some sense out of what has happened in your life so far, and maybe trying to see where your path will lead. I hope you will find something helpful on my blog. I look forward to reading more of yours. Best wishes for the new year! (And yes, you are a cute guy -- like the photo.)

  2. @Galen Pearl, thanks for visiting! I really like your blog and hope to get inspiration from it. (And yes, you are a cute guy -- like the photo.) Not just sure about this one? lol. Have a great day! ^_^

  3. i see life as one big mystery! never know whats going to come along ur way next...

  4. yep! life is a mystery. We may never know what's going to come along our way. But, we have the full control on how we're going to react on every situation. ^_^