Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monday Morning Sickness!

AAAAHHHHH!!! After a long vacation from holidays. It's time to go back to work again.  I felt terrible, dreadful and horrendous. Why? It's Monday again!

Does anyone of you have experienced Monday Morning Sickness? Monday mornings, when you feel very lazy, you don't wanna wake up  no matter how cacophonic your alarm clock  is.  Whether  you're a student or an employee, I'm sure there's no escape when Monday Morning Sickness has struck you. Oh come on! Why so sad? You should be happy, trust me!

It was January 03/Monday, when I got back to work.  I noticed that most of my colleagues had a hangover from holidays. You can feel from their gestures that  they're not yet ready to work.  They're having a hard time to focus on the task given, and most of them were even complaining from lack of sleep.  I really could sense that they're really oozing with laziness.  Just looking at them reminded me of the song of Engelbert Humperdinck "Release me".  The lyrics goes like this, "Please release me, let me go, for I don't want to work anymore". lol!

Monday Morning Sickness was really  an eye-catcher for me that time, so I sought some professional advice from Webster's online dictionary to find out more about this lame excuse, I mean about Monday Morning Sickness (MMS).

-MMS or Monday blues refers to those ailments that occur when an individual gets back to work after one or two days of rest.  You can also feel some discomforts, such as hangovers or sheer laziness, that makes one feel like not going to school/work on Monday morning. Thus, general absenteeism and or tardiness that one notices in the workplace every Monday morning.
I think MMS is such a pain in the ass for the employer, since it greatly affects the overall production of the company.  Absenteeism, unproductiveness and the increasing numbers of  NPA's (Non-Performing Assets), name it!  Actually,  It's been ages since people tried to find the solution for this problem, but they couldn't. Even Albert Einstein or Nostradamus couldn't come  with answers. But,don't give up!  The hero has arrived.  Yep, that's me. I already found  some tips on how to overcome MMS. Yay!  (Just kidding!)

The following tips are just based on my experiences. It really depends on the mind-set and general characteristics of a person, since all of us have unique abilities to adjust on different situations in hand. Here are my tips:
1. Prepare ahead- On Sunday night, I prepare everything like: clothes, some stuff in the office and paperworks. This helps me a lot to extend my sleeping hours on Monday morning up to 30 minutes.
2. Fantasize- huh!? lol! Upon waking up, I usually think of the people that inspire me in the office. Doing that, helps me to snap out of weekends, and be excited to go to work.
3. Cold shower- I pamper myself with a cold shower. No matter sleepy/groggy I am. A drop of cold water is enough to reset my internal body clock.
4. Dress code- I usually wear clothes that me make me handsomer lol! It makes me feel confident and excited to show the world how hot am I. lol!
5. Coffee- Who doesn't like coffee? I usually include a cup of coffee for my breakfast, just to perk up.
6. Listen to Music- With my new Nokia C7 nothing is impossible. ( As if i can afford it lol! ). Listening to music helps me to get into the groove. I usually listen to party songs, while on my way to work.
7. Positive attitude- Before I enter the office,  I usually  smile and tell myself that this is my last day at work, and ain't going to last forever.
8. Always be inspired- I just think of the things that inspire me, while working like: Digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR), Mac notebook, Lamborghini's red Diablo lol! ^_^  Kidding aside, just think of people whom you dedicate all of your hard work , sacrifices, and sufferings at work. Sufferings!? lol!

I hope all of the things that I've said make sense .  Anyway, I think that discipline in oneself also plays an important factor.  In my company before, tardiness and absenteeism rarely occur or don't happen at  all. Simply because,  Monday is considered as a critical working holiday.  Sick calls on this day are highly discouraged. It's either two memoranda or, get paid for it; however, it will be deducted from your vacation leaves.  With the exception of instances that you're already bleeding to death or you've been kidnapped by Al-Qaeda. ^_^
If symptoms of MMS persist---QUIT YOUR JOB!
To my readers, don't worry. I know what you're suggesting , and begging for me. Alright!  I'm  going to research more on how to overcome Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday sickness. ^_^


  1. Good post!
    I tend to help myself on mondays by leaving myself a list of things to do on my desk on a friday afternoon so I can come in and get on with things without having to engage my brain too much. To be honest though, I prefer mondays to tuesdays. On tuesday theres always a point where I think: "I've been at work two days and its still only the start of the week!"
    I have discovered the ultimate cure for MMS which would eradicate the problem completely: make mondays part of the weekend. It's so simple. I really hope it catches on

  2. @Candycan, I miss you a lot hehe ^_^ I've been busy for a while. How can I forget my first follower. Thanks for your wonderful comment!

    -Thanks for the additional info ^_^

  3. ahaha... this is very very true!!!!
    i hate mondays ahaha joke...
    what I do is to have a mindset that after monday, it'll be 4 more days to come... and when tuesdays comes, 3 more days... and still counting until it'll reach Friday. ^^,

  4. @Leonrap, great! haha. You're right it's all up to a person's mindset. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  5. @gelovsky kung natawa ka sa intro ko, natawa naman ako sa picture mo :) animated pa haha. nice blog!

  6. @Arlini, thanks for commenting on this post. I totally disagree with you. Haha!

  7. yEAh i certainly agree...Monday morning is such a lazy start of the week! jejeje

  8. Jeje! thanks for reading my post ^_^