Saturday, January 15, 2011
 "To dream the impossible dream" as what Frank Sinatra sang on what of his songs.  Human intelligence is beyond our imagination; the sky is the limit. We always find ways on how to make things better, easier, and grostequer.

The development of the modern era was the result of  curiosity, and the advancement in technologies per se. The world has changed a lot in so many  forms and ways, and yet there are still new inventions to come. Let's try to look back on how far humans have achieved in terms of modernization.

Before we only have telephones, but now we have cellular phones that are far advanced such as: XPERIA (Sony Ericsson), GALAXY phones (SAMSUNG), C7 (NOKIA), and NEON 2 (LG).

Before we only have desktop computers, now we have mini netbooks (HP), MacBook Pro (Apple), and even Palmone m1000 series (PALM).

Before we only have radio and jukebox players, but now we have the latest mp3 players---ipod nano 5th Generation Digital Music/Video player (8GB& 16GB).

All of these gadgets which came from an imagination and creative thinking of mankind.  Uhm! What about social networking sites on the internet? What would be the trend 5 to 10 years from now?
Albert Einstein said " Imagination is more important than knowledge." It's a fact that social networking sites like friendster, Myspace and facebook  are gaining dominance on the internet, which leaves their competitors way behind. They had/have gained too much popularity; not to mention the millions hits from youtube.  Their applications and interfaces are the latest trend in town, and those are the reasons why people keep on coming back. No questions about that! 

But  what if one day, someone would come up with a site combining all of the applications from these well known social sites? I guess Mark Zuckerberg is threatened by now lol. Okay let's us  do my " Before"  phrase...

Before we only have facebook, youtube, myspace, and even friendster.  Each site has their own unique features, and still we need to sign up for each sites to upload photos, update status, watch videos and so on... But now, the big change has begun  with  the emergence of this fuckin' hilarious social networking site.  This is a revolutionize website  that has combined the aforementioned  applications and interfaces.  It has "FAC" from facebook, "YOU" from Youtube, "MY" form myspace, and  "FRIEND" from friendster---Tada! We now have ""  You can play and upload videos, check out status, chat, play games, and etc.  It's all in one and has three buttons to press like  "Awesome" if it amazes you, "So-So" if it's just okay or  "Fuck" if it sucks.

Amazing isn't? Just thinking of the wonders of technology combined with creativity and imagination---IT'S AWESOME!

Again, everything was just only part of my imagination. Who knows right?  This site is still in the abyss, and waiting for  another MARK ZUCKERBERG to develop it.  Suggestions are highly welcome for further improvement of  this fuckin' website. ^_^


  1. My question is this: When is progress real and when is it just illusion? I don't think every great development is necessarily a true step forward. Do you?

  2. @Sir Bruce Coltin, thanks again for dropping by ^_^ Uhm! that's a tough question. Well, I think progress starts with a goal. And it becomes real, when someone makes a goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound. He should also demonstrate passion and eagerness to pursue to it. But it becomes an illusion, when you just keep on dreaming of something without doing anything to achieve it. On the latter part of your question, I strongly believe that a development indeed whether how big or small is synonymous to progress. Since development per se is an act of "improving" by expanding, enlarging or refining something that has been done. You made my day Sir Bruce! ^_^

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